Four Steps to Being a More Creative Your


Writers, artists, musicians – we all complain about the same thing. We never have enough time to create. But what if you could train yourself to be creative, no matter what the circumstances, and create on cue? What if the creative life you only dream about is actually in reach, no matter how much or how little time you can now devote to it?

This book was written with one intention in mind, inspiring you to tap into your inner muse and turn out something creative, something that tickles your imagination. You already know you want to be creative, more creative than you already are. It’s the step between knowing and doing where many of us fall off the cliff and never recover.

Utilizing the creative learning technique of mind-mapping to document your journey, you will design your best creative life. Visualization, tearing down barriers, and filling your creative reserves guide you to productive strategies. Simple instructions make the process of moving from imagining to implementing easy. Open these pages and become a more creative you!


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