Four Steps to Business Planning for Plan-Phobic Creatives

I’ve heard many reasons why you might not like business planning. It inhibits your sense of creative flow. It takes up too much time. What would you put in a plan? Or you absolutely love to plan. Checking things off that to-do list is an obsession for you. Give you a color-coded system and you are over the proverbial moon. Or you’re in the middle, that place where you know you should plan, but you’re not sure why. People tell you it’s important to grow your creative life, but you don’t know where to start.

No matter where you fall in the continuum of planning for your creative life, you can take control and make things easier, simpler, and faster by designing the right kind of creative business plan. I’m not talking about the whole mission-vision-values and documentation that would make even the most organized person’s head spin.

This book gives you a useful tool to guide your best creative life. In an easy-to-follow four step process, complete with questions to ask yourself and forms to capture your answers, you will have the type of planning document that allows you to make the most of your scarcest resources – time, money and inspiration! Open these pages and rid yourself of plan-phobia forever!


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