Life Should Come with Traffic Signs

It’s too bad life doesn’t come with slow down signs.  Or maybe it does, and we just don’t pay attention to them.  We can’t see them in the glare of the important and urgent – or at least, the things we think are important and urgent.

drive slow sign in yellow with copyspace

I’m as guilty as the rest of us.  I feel this overwhelming need to GET. IT. DONE.  Finish this task so I can check it off my to-do list and move on to the next critical things on the never-ending to-do list.

SLOW.  DOWN.  Move too fast, creatives, and you make mistakes.  Move too fast, and you miss things.  Move too fast and while you’re rushing through life, it passes you by.

I’ve had slow down signs waved in my face this week.  Phone calls with old friends who are as harried as I am, their lives hectic with so many things they insist are important and urgent.  Gentle suggestions to slow down, that there is no reason these things need to be done TODAY or even this week, were greeted with protests.  Emails in the same vein opened the same debates.

Then I realized I was being a hypocrite.  I too needed to slow down.  The things I regarded as urgent were not so.  In fact, rushing made things worse, because my stress backed up like too many spicy nachos until I was choking with it.  It the next book release takes an additional week, so be it.

Winding arrow road sign concept for business difficulties, problems and confusion

Slow down.  You miss some of the best things on life when you flash by them.  I prefer to enjoy the scenery!

How do you slow down when you jumped on the manic train?  I’d love to learn your tips!  Please share in the comments!

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