Luck in the New Year – January 2017 Kohano Newsletter

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  • Serendipity, luck and preparation
  • Cold weather activities in the garden
  • Books to help you ward off the blues

Here’s this month’s edition!



Frogs are a symbol of luck, fertility, prosperity, wealth, friendship and abundance in many cultures. Most importantly, they make me smile! What better way to begin this year?


My friends, do you think we make our own luck?

“Of course she’s brilliant,” we say. “She went to the best schools, her parents could afford private tutors, and she’s had every advantage in life.”

Or – “The guy’s an Adonis. Must be in his genes, because no one could work out enough for that kind of body. Do you think he’s had stuff done?”

Or – “That book hit the bestseller lists the first week out – beginner’s luck on the first book she ever sold.”

Yes, luck does exist, be it in our birth or our genes or our placement. But even if you happen to be in the right place at the right time, or have everything money can buy, you won’t be sustainably successful without PREPARATION.

We forget that the brilliant scientist or CEO spent years, decades even, training to color outside the lines with innovative thinking and reflection. The hunk might come from good genes, but without healthy eating, regular exercise, and effective life habits, he’d look not-so-hunky. And that writer might be an unknown, but how many years did she spend refining her craft, dealing with rejections, and channeling that despair into further learning?

Arnold Palmer might have said it best: “The more I practice, the luckier I get.”

Along with practice and preparation, we need the power of INTENTION. Our friends at Merriam-Webster label this as, “…a determination to act in a certain way.” Add to this the root meaning of intent, “…having the mind, attention, or will concentrated on something or some end or purpose,” and you have powerful fuel in your tank!

In the spirit of INTENTION, here’s what I have bubbling for 2017:

  • Spend more time in contemplation on what I can do to better the world, and implement it
  • Laugh and love my family and friends with single-minded dedication
  • Smile at people I don’t know
  • Provide meaningful respect in the world
  • Learn something new every day

That’s my game plan. What’s yours? Drop me an email or social media message and I’ll share the best responses next month.

Happy Prepared and Lucky 2017!



Preparation in the Gardenseed-catalogs

No one wants to discuss food in January, so this month I’ll riff on one of my alternative favorite winter topics, seed and plant catalogs! They begin arriving before the fruitcake’s even gone, and their steady stream into my mailbox (and inbox) are a daily source of joy.

The garden is barren and cold and the ground crunches underfoot without an inch of give to it. The truth is, it can be difficult to see creatively beyond the empty stretches of dirt, the dormant plants, and this year, the incessant ice and snow. How can we be creative through the inspiration of others under these conditions?

The things that inspire me are found in glossy and matte pages of multi-hued photos, compelling descriptions, and possibilities. In my mind, I can see the veggie garden overflowing with summer bounty in new raised beds. Edges on the perennial beds are crisp and clean and new bulbs add to rich palates of colors and texture. Flowers and foliage as abundant and striking as their sales promises wave in the summer breeze.

What should we try that’s new this year? We try to pick out a new vegetable each year, and experiment with annual flowers to best fill in blank spots where permanent members of the garden family have yet to grow into their final size.

I turn page after page, enchanted by pictures and descriptions and Latin names I struggle to pronounce. I dream about waving a magic wand over the garden so that every task is completed and I only have to wander between the garden ‘rooms’, enjoying the spectacle. But there’s that preparation thing again.

I’ll be picking out my beauties for 2017. What’s your favorite January creative ritual to get you through the cold months?


buddha-frogSearching for Your Creativity?

Check out the Goose Your Muse Tips for Creatives series. Four Steps to Being a More Creative You will help you find your creativity switch. Turn it on whenever you want! And to make the most of your creative time, useful organization and planning are vital. Four Steps to Business Planning for the Plan-Phobic Creative is your guide to finding your track and riding it throughout 2017.

 Latest in the Mind Web Series – MIND ETCHED

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Ebook Box Sets – a GREAT Value!

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January – a good time to jump off  in a new direction

But not until mid-month, perhaps. According to the Farmer’s Almanac, resolutions begun on the 1st may not gain traction right away. But it IS a good month to try new things – as long as we stick with them. Set a new creative routine and attempt to make it stick for 21 days. Research shows that’s how long it takes to make a habit.

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