NEW RELEASES! (I’ve been busy!)

I haven’t meant to be out of touch, dear readers – but I’ve been a tad busy!  Inventory of completed manuscripts has been stacking up, just waiting for that editing spurt.  I’m on it!  Here are the early results – and more to come!  Happy reading – Yvonne


NOW AVAILABLE – “Love’s Fiery Prescription” and “Love’s Fiery Resolution”.  Four first responders – two sets of siblings in two nascent love affairs – fight wildland arsons with multiple suspects, including one of their own.  Romance and suspense heating up northern California as the Flynn’s Crossing series continues!  (Writing as Yvonne Kohano.)

JUST RELEASED – “Mind Stalked”, the first book in the Mind Web psychological thriller series.  Bloody hallucinations or a killer’s reality?  Order your copy today and find out!  COMING SOON – “Mind Etched”, Mind Web book 2.  Visions seen through the mind of evil are never pretty.  (Writing as Y J Kohano.)

ALSO COMING SOON – The Goose Your Muse tips for creative types.  Do you need “Four Steps to Being a More Creative You”?  How about “Easy Business Planning for the Plan-Phobic Creative”?  Building blocks for your best creative life found here!  (Writing as Dr K.)


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