On My Knees

I spent a significant portion of my yesterday on my knees. Before you wonder if I’ve suddenly become fervently religious or you have other (ahem!) ideas, let me provide the reason. I was weeding. Lots and lots of weeding.

Happy First Day of Spring!

The first day of this season of renewal can be a metaphor for so much in our lives. Birth. Recommitment. Spring cleaning. New hope. A better attitude.

All of those apply to the garden, or at least they do in mine. You see, I let a few things go at the end of last year. Almost two years ago, we bought a house with a largely ignored empty palate of yard space, mostly grass. I like a little grass, but not a lot of it.

Little by little, dear husband Pirate and I have been chipping away at lawn, replacing it with perennial areas, vegetable space, and roses. Both front yard and the back have undergone major renovations, and it is (almost) ours.

But in the process, I decided not to see the weeds sprouting. You know what a weed is, right? It’s a plant growing in a place where you don’t want it. Other people might enjoy the lawn taking over the flowerbeds because all you need to do is mow it once in a while.

002Not me. I want textures and colors and seasonal changes. That means paying attention to what’s growing where it shouldn’t. Which I didn’t, distracted at the end of last year by manuscripts in progress and book cover changes and an ever-growing list of to-do’s in both business and the rest of this old house.

But it’s spring now, and I need to get serious. About weeding the garden and weeding my life. Out with the things that don’t contribute to the happiness of my family and of me. Removing the things that should not be there allows light and space for new things to grow.

I’m ready to embrace some new things. How about you?

What does this new season encourage in you? Please share your spring stories!

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