Reboot 2016 Please!

We are less than a month into the new year, and already, I feel like I’m behind on my productivity goals. I intended to write at least five days a week. That means I should have already enjoyed at least twenty four days of productivity so far.

How much have I accomplished? Ah, not so much.

Yes, I could write for the next ten days straight and be back on track, but then what? Are my goals realistic? And if I cannot or will not meet a week goal, what about my overall goals for the year?

Many of you will say I’m whining when I ‘fess up to not being satisfied with my achievements in 2015. 364,000 in new words. A full-length novel and three novellas released. My conversion and re-release of my earlier titles through various electronic and paper distribution channels by my publishing imprint. Rebranding of my romantic suspense website. The beginnings of this writing tips website and the site to support my psychological thrillers. Blogging. Articles.

“Quit complaining, Yvonne!” Yes, I hear you shouting at me. But in truth, I know I could have done better. November was awesome, as my NaNoWriMo number (83k) proved. I can do it. I can be more consistent. The characters chatter their stories in my brain all the time. I have more nonfiction ideas than I can easily list.

So what can I do about this? That’s for an upcoming blog. For now, though, here is my plan for 2016. You can hold me accountable!

>>> Write at least 5 days a week

>>> Write at least 42K new words a month

>>> Release 6 writing tips mini-books

>>> Release 3 Flynn’s Crossing romantic suspense series novels

>>> Release 3 Mind Games psychological thrillers series novels

Wish my muse and me good luck!

What about you? What are your creative productivity goals for the year?

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