You love to create. Writing stories with characters or factual reflections – the genre doesn’t matter and neither does the format. Art with a camera or with a brush. Musical notes designed to make people sing along – or bring tears to their eyes. You crave creation.

The business and productivity sides you aren’t crazy about, though, and I can’t blame you. Most creatives never receive training to prepare themselves to run a company. The idea of managing your productivity along with the promotion, tracking and management required even if you are traditionally represented is daunting. Throw in the allure of being an indie in your field and things become even more complicated.

And if you are aspiring and aren’t yet available for your audience to find, you have all of those pesky questions about process. Insecurity about whether or not you’re doing enough to get your name out there, or whether people will love your next book/record/picture, or why they didn’t adore the last treasure still bother us. Those things lurk in the shadows, ready to pounce when we are at our most vulnerable. And most days, we feel vulnerable.

We’re creatives, after all.

If you relate to anything I’ve said so far, this website is for you! I’ll be sharing tips for both craft improvement and business support that I’ve gleaned through my work as a university professor, management consultant, and fiction author. My creative colleagues will be chiming in too, so you will have loads of support.

Welcome to Goose Your Muse – Become Your Best Creative Self!

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