When It’s Time to Unravel

My maternal grandmother taught me to crochet at the tender age of 7.  Despite limited formal education herself, she taught me many things over the decades – about making due with what I have, about self-confidence and bravery, about baking and cooking, and about being creative in all aspects of my life.  She also taught me about unraveling when the time is right.

IMG_0027That weekend is a clear picture in my mind.  My grandparents lived on the South Side of Chicago, in the third-floor apartment of a brownstone they proudly bought when they moved there from Poland.  Busia was a cafeteria lady at Marshall Field’s downtown, and I loved to visit her there.  The apron and hairnet she wore were the coolest things back then!

In addition to her day job, Busia made crocheted…  Read more here.

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